Attempt to photographic transcendence n.1

Attempt to photographic transcendence n.1 is perhaps more than just a photography project. It’s the result of the relationship between the inner and the outer landscape. It’s an encounter summarizing the need of a shot, a photographer’s urgent need, a flash of inspiration, an intuition. A research on the horizon, the space and the disorientation’s edge.
The need of somewhere else, of a chance, of a wish, of something that’s not there seems to appear in the study and celebration of the imminent landscape; an attempt to trascend to be precise.

Andrea Marchese (Caltanissetta, 1984) is a visual artist. He lived in Ferrara, Paris, Toulouse and Rome where he studied art and performing arts, he lives and works between Sicily and the rest of Europe. Through video and photography, and the feeling of the absurd and contradictory, he builds an intimate reality in which the logical boundaries fade, leaving space to the poetic vision of the forms. Melancholy, imaginary, no-sense, irony, aesthetic research are essential elements of his work.

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